SOME programmer contrived inventing a fabulous adjustment for the job-seeking services. It was so applied that almost all web-sites of this nature accepted the innovation very rapidly. Another circumstance which is known only to rare specialists with a degree that is known just themselves. During the time the programmer pulls on his socks to go to a supermarket, twenty one years old man looking for a job. Maxim Kovalevsky is an economist, to be more precise, bookkeeper. He hadn’t got an economical education, just certificate about ending six-month courses. The case was that the profession he had learnt in his university emerged completely unpromising and he decided not to do it. Nevertheless, his new deal was not very successful for him either. He hadn’t any acquaintance in the sphere and tried to apply for a job by means of the internet. Against all one’s efforts he can’t find an appropriate job. Nobody replied on his CV. Why? Because combination of particular letters made the programmer’s innovation bun the massage to employer with no warning of who had sent it. The combination was part of Kovalevsky surname.

Programmer was succeed. Eftsoons he became an owner of a proper IT company. Deals got on, the man, apropos his name was Aleksey, was growing rich. One day he acquainted with a nice girl. She had a pretty baby face with an air of acid on it. This expression generally sourced from the lines of her mocking lips and eyes. She was of middle-size growth but If someone see her, he would rather say she is ‘normal’. Seemed like she had got her constitution before youth’s acceleration, nowadays technologies kitchen-staff’s saving and other things. The day she had firstly had an even, bereft of nerves, chat with Aleksey, she told her mother he was a ‘forward-minded’ and ‘dope’ lad. Subsequently she marries to him. Maxim Kovalevsky’s girlfriend was a kind but some low-pressure young thing. She believed she loves Maxim but once when she drove by train the companion a bit tended to her and she behaved such a way that it was appeared it doesn’t matter Maxim or companion or somebody alse. Two children born in two houses for both. Jast as Maxim found stable job¬– In Alexey’s firm.

It has been preceding economical crisis and Maxim goes along the corridor with a doors and plates. Behind one of them set Aleksey and affixed a signature upon the order of Maxim’s sack. It was a hard year for the company and it has been to cut expenditures. One harrier who cussed Maxim out and took his pocket away reminded his act a couple of times when he did the same things, but Aleksey not. What the connection between the two men? It may be is but it’s lie in planes of peoples heap. The connection is not detected by our idea of blame. It was occasional.

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