As most of those who wants attaining good command in English, Im extremely needed in practise. Pitily, I can’t attand conversation clubs more frequently then once a week. Its rather less to reach any significant succes in the study. My mates advised me reading original books and learning words by heart, but I noticed that the best result comes of your will to say something. Should I have no posibility to intercourse with foreigners as often as I would prefer. I will compouse in English some posts and articles. I invite everybody to discuss my worcs in english. We could share grammatic or stillistic problems of the language or merely swap our meaning on some social or political questions. Welcome.

OUT works one Georgian newspaper. Faced some obtrusive heading. It’s reading: «Fishing rod or fish: certainty of choice». Actually it touches me, cuz I don’t see this «certainty». The article dedicates the quarry if it’s needed to pay welfare to unemployed or it’s better multiplying new job sites to make them work. At that It’s undercurrent grassroots idea of economical liberalism: whatever it does people guilty in their problems themselves. They can’t find their spot in life, they must change themselves. «Don’t wanna work, seek new job», replies managers on clamors of their employees. «It isn’t necessary blaming the state in your quarrels with your wife», can someone listens in common chat. «Chose another shop», says bitchy stick girl, who unsatisfied with her personal life. Ah, I do the same and even not noticed.

But does it mean all that fishing rods, wives, fishes and shops? It’s just the images which takes binding due to their picturesque. It distorts our perception and we makes conclusions from unfaithful or or true just by halves sources. If you was sacked from your job obviously the plight had emerged from complex internal and external factors. I think nobody will demonstrating maximality being insisted internal life to be the one course of everything. There isn’t anything absolutely pure indeed. The pure thing which don’t have a connection with other things would be the God. Naturally it’s not implying somebody who do nothing have a right to blame everybody in his adversities. It seances that colleges of the man to being been dismissing as in charge of happening as one who fired. Everybody in charge for everyone just as a person in charge for himself. If for no other reason then for the word ‘community’ infers the people have something common. Individualists can’t tear this link between peoples cuz It is in our Babylon tower’s foundation, being absorbed by every plane of people’s world.

By the way, If I were a reporter of Georgian newspaper I had better to write that the government should increase the quantity of job sites and to make welfare for unemployed more appropriate. Why not, If there is money to entertain glamorous politic conferences and buying luxurious armors.

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