Russian presidential elections have been fixed on 5th of March. Despite the fact many candidates have turned up their sleeves standing for the leadership, large majority of electorates are conceiving their preparations as regular political performance. The society splinted up on two uneven groups: the men who monitors politics and don’t believe in reality of opposition due to prehistory and ones who fill falsehood of the upcoming just intuitively.  Vague filling of artificial things can easily be subjective but who would take upon himself to gainsay the facts. It has been Medvedev who affirmed recently that the elections of 1995 were fabricated by Boris Eltsin. It’s enough to stop talking about any democratically logic in events of the USSR’s collapsing, ensuing years and even nowadays: given that today’s rulers of Russia are straight successors of nineties. First years of new Russia topple off fine words of other politicians either from so-called ‘opposition’. On one hand Zyuganov do nothing in 1995 to use vulnerability of acting authority on the other hand he takes part in elections each time as if he want win them. Moreover, his party exclude from its program building of communism. Same cases in the past of Jirinovskiy and Prohorov show their hesitation. As for Mironov his dedication to Putin is very unnatural concerning he rule socialist party. All they are just actors and whoever we vote he will do the same. Generally it would be doings which profitable to large business but not only.

It is an interesting question, by the way. Is the representative democracy is a toy for averting of peoples in Russia only. Maybe all this system nothing else but screening for oligarchies in all over the world. Is democracy in the USA or Britain?

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