Candidates’ recommendation for The People’s Assembly (Narodnoe Sobranie) election is ongoing. There are ten Armenian’s surnames among the nominees have registered already. The most number of them are from Gulripshskiy region, an administrative area to the east from Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia. It stands to mention, the term of documents feed comes to an end, it expires 8th of February.

According to the Abkhazian legislation, common quantity of deputative mandates in state’s parliament is 35 only. It makes real power out of deputies, especially in case they belonged to opposition. On the other hand, Abkhazia inclines to be a presidential republic. Narodnoe Sobranie has no authority suppressing the Government’s decisions. It can, at the most, to annunciate impeachment a president.

Having been fulfilled in 2010, Abkhazian population census reads Armenians work out 17% of the state’s civilians. They stand alongside with other affluent minorities: Georgians (19%) and Russians (95%).

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