Having been emerged in 1993, MSU School of Public Administration (MSU SPA) become an educational project of Russian political and economical reforms in the early 90’s. Russian policy elite frequently had to toil serious underun from other states for years at a critical times of its history. Naturally, such a race started of training specialists. While the Soviet Union was collapsing it was certain that there is essential shortage of competent state officials. MSU School of Public Administration appeared as the educational reply on the applied request of the government. It is a real demand — people find the use their capabilities very fast. Many of graduates reached significant appointments in Russian state-run institutions and business structures. The first intake had been fulfilled in 1994. First output was in 1999. After twenty years past the Soviet Union distraction in Russia and in the world still it is demand on new people to solve huge tasks.

Faculty distinctions:

MSU School of Public Administration’s curriculums are compound on the base of best world experience synthesis and well-tried Russian samples. Learning widespread languages is a one of priority in MSU SPA. The quantity of these academic hours caps same index on other non-lingual faculties. Academic program don’t consist of just common language but from business English as well. Since the second course students can choose a second foreign language from the broad list of European and Asian languages. The academic activity has been proceeding with nowadays interactive methods. Besides, students often have the floor to act in English or in another language about problem of their specialty.

It is constantly that pundits in different aspects of Public Administration read lectures in English here. A good criterion of quality lingual preparation in MSU SPA is the graduates of the faculty apply for open position in international companies effortlessly.

It stands to mention that administration of faculty counts for mach development of eloquence and logical thinking skills in the students. They study how to defend their point of view during the whole course of learning. As for logic, Mikhail Lomonosov, well-known Russian scholar, wrote, ‘It should be studied math not at least because it adjusts the mind’. And a chair of mathematical methods in administrating is very active. Exact sciences play an important role in academic activity.

Technical literacy is a compulsory kind of a modern specialist. MSU SPA is in association with Microsoft about its program ‘IT Academy’. This fact lets the students to study computer programs that are important for their degree. It is a wonderful addition to every resume. The faculty gives the broad opportunities to realize self-fulfilling and getting particular, applied skills in trainee jobs. The students have been practicing in Russia state-run institutions such as: Presidential Administration, staff of comities in State Duma, the Town-hall of Moscow and many others, in the large financial and manufacturing companies. The most closely partnership is adjusted with Russian brands: “Sun Inbev”, the beer-brewing company and “Atlant-M”, Russian big vehicular diller. Studying here is not limited by only writing researches and yearly projects. A number of the students are enlisted to fulfill assignments about works in real business. A graduate of MSU SPA has a professional skills allows him get the best jobsites.

MSU SPA for foreigners:

The faculty has miscellaneous experience of work with foreign students. As people from the CIS countries as students from the other states came the MSU SPA to study here. The advantage of learning just in SPA MSU is that its curriculums interrelated with the curriculums of the best business schools of the world. Above, diplomas of each MSU’s faculty are admitted in large numbers of other states, not only in Russia. Usually, students who already speaks Russian well come to study here, but for those who can’t do it there is a special preparatory division. Moreover, each foreign student is “attached” the Russian student who helps the first one with inconsistently circumstances.

Our suggestions:

Schoole-leavers could join to three Bachelors programmes.”State and municipal administrating”, “Personnel administrating” and “Management”. Graduates of these programmes are got the bachelor degree. The term of studying is four years. MSU SPA realizes Master’s programmes: “State and municipal administrating”, “Human research management”, “Financial management”, “Natural resource administrating”, “Healthcare management”, “Customs management” and “Public relations management”. Term of studying is two years. After the course ending the students are got the masters degree. There are programmes of postgraduate and doctorate’s programmes about thirteen degrees as well. There is a second higher education’s course.

Learning conditions:

The faculty is situated at a new modern campuses built in 2008. At faculty students’ disposal there are five computer classes, two canteens and two bars, an underground car park with 610 parking places and a large boardroom per 650 people. It is made all conditions for the sports training Indoor: a gym, a dojo. In addition to that, the faculty has nine blokes of the contemporary paied dormitories. Students’ group commonly consists of  25-30 people, but it detaches to a few smaller when lingual or computer lectures are.   

Campus life:

There is inspired go-aheadism in the students of faculty. Last time a number of students-for-students projects have been finding supports and financing of faculty leaders. As a matter of fact, “old-resident” professors of faculty pose, the peculiar person’s type assorted from year to year: ambitious yang men who know what they want. Lots of students take part in volunteer programs.


It is remarkable; SPA MSU is science center inherently. It is developed a discussion about different aspects of public administration, economy and politics. Presence of scholars of manifold schools of science add to learning the papper and the readiness.

Today the faculty has 200 professors and lecturers. 53 scientists with PhD. Many of them combines teaching with jobs in business and state-run institutions. Lots of them have reach experience in committing researches in behalf of different offices and organizations.

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