GOST R ISO 9001 ‘Quality management systems – Requirements’ is a translating of the ISO’s standard (i.e. ISO – International Organization for Standardization) into Russian. The international structure turns up the largest in its sphere and introduces the most popular quality management systems’ normative documentation. There aren’t any laws that would demand ISO 9001 as a compulsory term for working on the maturating Russian market but partners, auctions’ organizers again and SRO’s executives (i.e. Self-regulated organizations) check ISO 9001’s inventory when the question is about somewhat cooperation or projects’ participating. Having been certified with ISO 9001, companies become easy on the eye of Russian private banks in the process of borrowings’ distribution. Let us recall of advertisement. The certification’s fact could be used in business’s promoting, on certain conditions though. Besides, it, certainly, contributes to better organization’s image to have been certified.

Significant part of ISO 9001 certifying benefits consists in inner company’s advantage. In other words: independent conformity accordance lets managers ascertaining of quality management system that they have implemented. Plus, although Russian laws don’t bind anybody over with ISO 9001, there are some decrees in separate sectors of economy which necessitate market players to deal with. Furthermore, for scales of reasons, it would be better to make a choice between bogus certificate and real document playable to the last one. Unfortunately, unfair certification bodies still to be spreading apparition on Russian market.

Why it is worth to choose us?

Our company was one of the first in Russia that implemented foremost IT-technologies in certification and developing standardized documents. This let us maintain quality of service on high level. During certification audits external auditors if they are multiskilled specialists associate with narrowly focused ones so-called technical experts. A great deal of whole work’s efficiency depends on that. Certification and licencing center ‘Unitary Standard’ has a very broad network in bulk of economical brunches: trade, education, expert investigations, designing – we have well-tried experts everywhere.

Our organization doesn’t correspond to mere business. We are an expert site as well. There is said in Russia the theory being weak apart from practice but practice is dead without theory. We in our company don’t only do certification service but also study certification. Partly because the peculiarity we are very well aware of good consultation value for clients. Even if you know nothing about conformity accordance in Russia we are ready to give an accurate and clarity information with no any payment for the attendance. The best reliable proof that could give you idea of our solvency is, for sure, brands, which has used our assistance: OJSC ‘Ingosstrakh’, The Confectionary plant ‘Pobeda’, mobile operator ‘MegaFon’, OJSC ‘Rosspirtprom’ etc.

How much do we charge for certification? What time does it take?

Cost of certification service in “Unitary Standard”: From 50 thousands of rubles, Terms of service doing: 5-7 B-days
Cost of certification service in “Unitary Standard”: From 50 thousands of rubles, Terms of service doing: 5-7 B-days

Certification is a service, which consists of some particular elements. Partly these elements are voluntary and could be excluded. At that, defining of concrete value of certification is usually individual. The result mainly depends on external auditors timing. How much time they will have to spend in any company? To determine the hours’ quantity for audit a certification body asks client about somewhat details, in particular, company’s size, its sector of economy, business structure, kinds of dealings asserted for certification.

How the process of certification is proceeded?

On the first stage certification body have to learn company’s specific. It could be desirable to have consultations with chosen representatives from organization’s executive management. According to ISO 9001, it must be owners for quality management system allocated.

Having ordered certification service in our company with ISO 9001, an organization has to be subjected by one external audit, after that it gets the certificate. The document’s validity is three years. During the time an object of certification should pass along two inspective audits. These are needed for to ascertain the management quality system is working so far and corresponds to given certificate.  The number and terms when inspective audits fulfilled are completely agree with the demands of International Organization for Standardization (i.e. ISO).

The certification’ procedure starts form the free consultation in our certification body. The company, which pretends on conformity assessment, applies the special inquiry letter. Besides, it should present the next copies of documents:

  • A standing rule of the company
  • An OGRN (i.e. Principle State Registration Number)
  • An extract from Russian Unified State Register of Legal Entities
  • A block schematic diagram for company’s departments
  • Departments’ charges
  • Information about personnel’s qualification
  • A quality manual

Some documents that consist of more than 1 leaf should be attested by signature and stump of proper executive. Also certification with ISO 9001 comes at other procedures:

  • Consideration of inquiry letter by certification body
  • Execution of the contract on certification
  • Analysis of internal normative documents of the quality management system
  • A certification audit and audit’s act
  • Taking a decision whether to give ISO 9001’s certificate

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