But can somebody grant an application is yet to be clear. Some unverified piece of information says it is because what exactly organization are developing Russian part of contest left obscurely. It is anticipated that what it is – will have been decided in nearest ten days. Additionally, there is application’s deadline – till the 1st October, 2012. The date has appeared on the web-site of Euroasian Interstate council for standardization, metrology and certification (I.e. EASC) – it is an institution that responds for concerted CIS (i.e. Commonwealth of Independent States) countries’ policy in the item of standards. It output its own standards. As for the thread, it was Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (i.e. Rosstandart) that informed about CIS Quality Awards’ beginning. Indeed, the duty lays on the national standardization agencies according to CIS’s rules.

The competition’s results are to be promulgated on the 1st January of a year that will be the next after a year of the contest’s beginning. The second international CIS Quality Awards’ stage resembles certifying itself. EASC configure intermingled experts’ jury and committee for awarding. Specialists set out in an organization which previously was nominated and spend two days on the quality management systems’ analysis of applicant. These professionals send their reports to jury and this one, in its turn, has the right to define the winner. But before the results would be proclaimed they have to be confirmed by another one CIS’s structure – Economic Council. This one is a body of executive power. It keeps track for decisions’ fulfilling within the constraints of CIS. Among special distinctions of CIS Quality Awards are commonly mentioned that only a corporate body can participate in the contest, then, applicants have to pay an admission fee. On the second stage of the quality competition is torn between 1000 USD and 3000 USD in connection with such characteristics as organization’s size. It means an organization that pretending on the award. The steering committee discerns 5 categories of participants: till 250 employees, from 251 to 1000, from 1001 to 3000, from 3001 to 5000 and giants with more than 5000 of personnel. CIS Quality Awards’ is provided for 12 categories every of which takes into account divergences between organizations about the employees’ quantity and about other tributes. The number of the award’ winners shouldn’t be more then 36. Concrete sum of money that is given in the capacity of the award’s payoff is taken from application fees.

CIS Quality Awards for reaching significant aims in the sphere of products and attendances has been since 2005. Amidst its goals, as do corresponding CIS’ documents read, uprising CIS countries’ businessmen ideas in quality, strengthening of CIS members industry’s marketability on the global level. CIS Quality Awards destined to be a new motivation for CIS’ states businessmen working with quality of their goods as well.

Although the rules of this year national stage of competition is still undisclosed, it is worth to take into account that the application fees that had been mentioned already are just payment for second, international stage. Furthermore, CIS Quality Awards’ possible circle of participants from Russia could be restricted by laureates of Russian Governmental Quality Award, as judged to past times’ experience. Finally, it stands to mention essential amendments were incorporated in the award’s process. They spelled out in the attachment to Economic Council’s Decision of 9th December 2012. Thus, the competition would be differing from this one last year.

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