If your anger undermines relations with family, with friends, colleagues or with completely unknown people, then – it is high time changing the way you impress your distemper. Here is a summary of the most important professional’s thoughts on the topic. You will drastically change your everyday life when you will have these bare recommendations implemented in a real life. There is nothing of surprise or marvel in them but marvel comes when you become to interact with other people in accordance with them. This short overview saves your time, since you haven’t to delve large volumes of special literature. I did it for you and introduce here, if the expression may be tolerated, pure juice. Drink and enjoy!

12 recommendations

  1. Take a short breath taking. However, recommendations of counting to ten or merely getting yourself distracted from a problem might seem trivial. Still they help to appease anger really.
  2. Find the physical use for your anger. Some physical activities can give you a possibility of letting your steam off. It will be especially important in time when you are on the brink of blowing off. Start running instead of calm walking; begin to attend a swimming pool, practice powerlifting or casting paper waddings in a bin.
  3. Find a way to keep calm. For example, make a deep breathing-in or imagine some scenes, fancy some pleasant memories that are able to relax you. It is worth repeating a conciliate word or sentence like: “take it easy”. Useful effect rendered by drawing, hear music, do Yoga exercises or read magazines.
  4. When finally you will have recover your self-possession, go on with giving mouth to items you are crossed. It is necessary your annoying will not boiled to the next degree. If you cannot control yourself while disputing with a person, do try discussing a problem, which you have with your opponent with you homilies first. With a person to whom you trust.
  5. Careful think before to give voice to an idea. In warm blood, you can speak something you will regret yourself after a time. Put the scenario of your future argue and hold to him speaking with your opponent. This help you determine how to defuse a situation right.
  6. Avoid careless criticism or accusation against somebody. Example. It is better to say: “I am worried that you hasn’t helped to me today” instead of: “You should better to help me today”. If you prefer the second variant, you can only intensify existent tensions.
  7. Don’t harbor malice. It would be strange to think that everyone should behave just as you want it.
  8. Use humor. A nice joke is able to defuse situation in distinction from sarcasm, this last, could be interpreted by your counterpart as an assault.
  9. Keep your diary. By noting situation with what you facing in your life, you may easier analyzing typical problems rousing you. Aftermath is that you will wield these difficulties more successfully.
  10. Practicing relaxation technics. There are approved methodologies of stress relieving. The methods help you do not bursting at every given opportunity.
  11. Consistently abide elaborated skills in anger management. Because of an accidental bout of wroth, we literally lose ourselves and it is even difficult to remember what acting is right. You may keep to yourself a thing that would be a tip for you to get control on the emotions. You may use whatever you want in this capacity: a wad of paper, a plain pebble and so on.
  12. Betake yourself to specialist. If some practices have been mastered, but have not given any positive results and you feel your anger is indeed uncontrolled, inflict great harm to relationship and blooming into violence, you probably are needed in psychotherapist’s help. Role-playing games that are used by them will, for sure, help you using mastered anger management methods in real life!

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